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About Moduline

Every year more and more people are choosing Moduline homes to house growing families and lifelong memories.



Moduline Canada is part of the Champion family of homebuilders with over 30 home-building facilities located throughout the United States and Canada.



As North America's largest home builder, we have the opportunity to offer homes at a lower cost, yet with an expanded list of personal options to choose from. Our regional sales consultants enjoy working with families from blueprint to completion, to customize a home that's perfect for the way you live.

Advantages of Moduline Manufactured Homes over Site Built Homes:

Manufactured homes are built on a rigid steel frame. While this is necessary for the initial move from the manufacturing plant to the site, it also protects the home throughout its lifetime. If the home has to be relocated, this is an inexpensive and safe process.


Materials used to build the home are stored inside and never exposed to rain, snow sunlight or other damaging conditions. This ensures that these materials remain in excellent condition and produces cost savings in construction.


Plumbing and duct work are fully enclosed in the same blanket of insulation which virtually eliminates the danger of freeze-up.


Roll flooring is installed in continuous sections eliminating seams and providing a more attractive and easier to maintain floor.


The skilled people who build manufactured housing work inside, away from the weather, so working conditions are always optimal. This creates an environment where top-quality work can be carried out at peak efficiency.


Operations such as electrical installation and insulation are carried out from outside the walls. Not only does this make the work easier and more efficient, with a more exposed work area, quality control can be significantly better.


Work on manufactured housing is far more specialized than with conventional, site-built homes. Moduline has built over 20,000 homes and the skilled trades people who carry out the work know their jobs, and know them well.


Because Moduline homes are factory-built as units, testing and inspection can be carried out in a much more rigorous fashion than with site-built homes.


Integrity of electrical systems is tested with high voltage and water systems are tested by applying high pressure air.


Moduline homes must meet strict, Canadian Standards Association standards and inspections are carried out by highly trained, accredited inspectors.


Moduline manufactured homes are backed by the 7 year, Good As Gold warranty program, a first for the entire housing industry in Canada.


Reasonable delivery times.

Why Rent? Our Goal is to provide affordable housing for all consumers to assist our customers in building equity.